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Talks in English

Following are my talks in English for international audiences. The entrance fees may differ, depending on location and organization. I invite you to organize a talk together with me in your living room or in a meeting hall. All lectures will be accompanied by one or two meditative exercises. Please be welcome to contact me by e-mail at


Dolphins – Whales – Humans connected

By Saskia Bosman PhD, biologist

What kind of beings are dolphins and whales? Can we communicate, swim, play and cooperate with them? Do they want this? How do they see us, humans?

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Scientists have discovered that whales and dolphins (including porpoises) are enormously intelligent, sensitive, self-conscious and even have cultures. Intuitive, sensitive people all over the world who are telepathically in contact with whales and dolphins know these things. All of them share the same information with us, like: humanity has a technological culture, whales and dolphins have consciousness cultures. What do these beings want to teach us? They offer to assist us to develop our own consciousness culture which will live in harmony with nature and which is based on love. Dolphins and whales can stimulate our self-healing capacity with their sonar and subtle energy. They can journey over the Earth and through the cosmos and can even teleport themselves. They are part of a huge intergalactic and inter/trans-dimensional community of cetaceans. Saskia Bosman is scientific (as a biologist) as well as intuitive and will share scientific as well as spiritual information about the dolphins and whales in an easy to understand, non-technical way, illustrating her talk with photos, videos and meditations.

Healing of Water, Earth and Humans by the Dolphins

Movie afternoon, morning or evening introduced by Dr. Saskia Bosman (biologist, consciousness trainer)

Healing movie afternoon with the dolphins. After an introduction, videos will be shown that have been recorded during profoundly healing boat and swimming excursions Saskia has made with wild dolphins in the Azores (Portugal), North Sea and the Mediterranean near the South of France. The videos have beautiful music soundtracks. Saskia Bosman organizes these tours with groups of people in a respectful way for the animals.

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These tours are true meetings between self-conscious, intelligent, sensitive and loving species: humans and dolphins. Life changing, inner growth accelerating energy exchanges take place. When videos and photos are made in these settings, these register not just images, but also the subtle, healing energy. This principle makes it possible for clairvoyant and clairsentient people to read photographs of persons. All of us can receive and enjoy the wholesome energies through these dolphin videos. Allow the high energy frequencies from the videos to have an effect on you! Full meeting halls already experienced strong energy healings when the first video was shown.

All videos (15 minutes each) are also available in Dutch.


Talk by Dr. Saskia Bosman, biologist

Has Atlantis really existed? Very likely! In and around the Atlantic Ocean increasingly more ruins are found from often highly developed cultures. These ruins ended up under water thirty thousand to ten thousand years ago. They can be found near the Canary Islands, the Azores, the Caribbean, near Bermuda and even in the North Sea. There is a connection with the beginning and ending of ice ages in which much of the ocean water was locked inside land ice sheets. During these ice ages the global sea level was lower, exposing more land than today. Also geological activity caused rising and submerging of land. Hear about the finds and the ancient Atlantean cultures who have left these behind and also what Atlantis means for today, in this richly illustrated talk.


The Pineal Gland, interface between inside and outside

Talk with images and experiential work by Saskia Bosman PhD, biologist from The Netherlands.

How can you deploy your pineal gland for your well-being and inner growth? This lecture is about a very small but important gland in the centre of your brain. The pineal gland is the interface between inside and outside. This gland plays a powerful role in our well-being and consciousness. In this lecture an explanation will be given how the pineal gland works and how you can stimulate your own well-being.

In this talk the following will be discussed:

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-The pineal gland as an interface between your body and environment:

  • The communication of the pineal gland with our nervous system and senses.
  • Evolution of the pineal gland as a third eye and multifaceted organ of perception.
  • The possible role of the crystals inside the pineal gland cells as transmitters and receivers.

– The biology of the pineal gland:

  • Where in the brain is your pineal gland?
  • The production of hormones and what they do.

– The pineal gland in well-being, recovery and consciousness:

  • Calcification and decalcification of the pineal gland.
  • The deployment of the pineal gland for stimulating your self-healing power by means of meditative exercises.
  • The pineal gland hormones facilitate different states of consciousness.
  • Knowledge about the pineal gland in ancient and modern cultures.
  • The pineal gland as your cosmic antenna.

You will experience some of the content of this talk by some simple techniques which support the functioning of your pineal gland and your well-being.

The talk itself is fascinating and gives you a preview of Saskia’s pineal gland workshops in which we will do a lot of experiential work.


Deploy your cells for your rejuvenation, inner peace and evolution!

Lecture by Saskia Bosman PhD, biologist

Inside you have everything you need to be a loving, peaceful human being with mastery of your own life, in harmony with the whole. Our planet is going through various crises at this moment. At the same time we are on the verge of an evolutionary leap. Our body contains all information (in the DNA) and (potential) wiring (the nervous system) necessary to take this evolutionary leap.

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When search the scientific research papers since 2000 you will find much information that tells us how we as human beings can support and stimulate our well-being and further development. We can do this by optimally utilizing, from our inner being, the plasticity or adaptability of our body. Our mind influences how the information in our DNA expresses itself in the body, can have a rejuvenating effect and which circuits our nervous system will form and more.

Scientific research into various forms of meditation and meditative movement (like yoga) shows from the level of DNA and cells up, how our body-mind can move from chronic stress to a state of calmness and harmony that are radiated in turn into our social environment. If you feel love, joy and happiness others can feel this too thanks to the mirror neurons in their brain. Our dormant talents awaken because the subconscious repression of these is removed. Our very adaptable body changes into a vehicle for further evolution.

A beautiful path is opening to us. The first step on this road is easy to take and is the beginning of a fascinating journey.


Talk and sky watch evening with Dr. Saskia Bosman, biologist


Extraterrestrial life – what are we looking for?

Is there life elsewhere in the universe? Astrobiology is searching for life and the right conditions for it. This happens inside as well as outside our solar system. Most astrobiologists are looking for life forms as we know these on Earth. Are completely different life forms also possible? How can we recognize these? Did these already reach our planet? What is the current status of the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life?

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This talk is also about microbes in space, ‘aliens’ (other intelligent life forms) on the Earth, artificial intelligence, the possibility of the universe being a super computer program (Matrix) inside which we live versus cosmic consciousness and dimensions beyond space and time.

Sky Watch Evening

This is outside and if possible in an observatory. You will be shown around the beautiful starry sky in which many great objects can be found, visible with binoculars up to powerful telescopes. If you have binoculars, please bring these. Also bring your smartphone, because many nice free apps exist to guide you in sky watching.

Saskia Bosman PhD is a biologist and independent researcher, also interested in astrophysics and astrobiology.  Since over 40 years Saskia delves deeply into the human being, especially DNA, cells, the brain, consciousness and evolution in the context of the Earth and the Cosmos. Saskia, as a biomedical scientist, offers her talks, workshops and spiritual nature tours based on her scientific interest, knowledge and experience in the relationship between body and mind, purposefully connecting matter and consciousness. Her personal and societal purpose is to contribute to conscious human evolution.